One of the most passionate barbers you will ever meet with over 28 years of experience that specializes in everything from perfecting the most awkwardly growing hairlines transforming them to the sharpest razor lines to making thinning hair look full and even with or without color, all fades, parts, designs and style cuts I can it all and make it look easy.

Also one of the cleanest sanitary barbers using the best sterilizing equipment properly keeping you safe while providing service.  If your current barber uses the same razor, has no disenfectant, one comb, & hits you with a dirty duster you may want to consider changing barbers.


An, artist,visionary, and mentor who remains focused on his lifes mission to restructuring and reshaping the minds of young men only slightly describes the man known as Lamik Lewis. Growing up in the Bronx surrounded by multiple barber influnces mainly his Grandfather Julian Lewis who owned his own shop in Harlem back in the 50's during the Harlem Renaissance. Lamik Lewis begin to cut his own hair at the age of ten. His mother purchased his first set of  New Oyster clippers from  the local Woolworth store thus opening the door to his destiny. Those in the neighborhood began to take notice of his talent in barbering . And left there own barbers to receive a cut  from Lamik. At the age of ten he had quite a large clientale. Many years later Lamik won his first competition hosted by Atlanta Technical College thru which he graduated in 2003.

In 2008 LEW won the Ford  Flex Competition and received a brand new Ford Flex along with a cash prize. In 2010 following his previous sucess Lamik won the Bigen hair dye competition  and was also honered with a Gillette  Men of Style award. He is passionate about the community voulnteering his time speaking to various middle schools, mentouring young boys, men 1 on 1, and by participating in Hosea's Feed the Hungry event, and 2nd  Blessings image make over event, along with hosting his own Flawless Cuts Back to School Giveaways with much more to come.


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