Vision, creativity, drive, passion, go get it and never quit it. Dedicated to those individuals who take the time to clearly figure out what they want to do and the best way to go about getting it done.

Boye Akinola
In 1990, after practicing commercial and residential architecture for recognized firms such as Robert Traynham Coles Architect, PC (in Buffalo, NY), Turner Associates-Architects and Wakefield Beasley & Associates, Boye Akinola founded Boye Architecture (formerly bA Design Architects). As a licensed architect for over 25 years....
Will Rosser

Will Rosser is not your average bro.   Will and his brother Jayar who I met him and the rest of their wonderful family through has always been grounded by a strong well knit family and you can tell by the genuine smile on his face that this brother has capitalized on that great foundation in which he was raised

Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter is an outstanding chef in the community who has prepared dishes for some very high profile clients. No venu's to big or to small he can handle it all!  If you have not tasted his cooking yet you soon may because Cheff Jeff is going places. 

Cory Pitts

Corey Pitts is a young enterpurner he has wote his own book called THE AHA MOMENT:  The Guide to Creating A Game Changer